Course Content:

Assignment Samples: The instructor may provide sample assignments, but they are meant merely as a guide and source of reference. It is not permitted for students to turn in these samples as their own.
Classes: We provide both live and recorded classes on a variety of subjects in our courses. These courses aim to deepen comprehension and offer new perspectives on the subject matter.
Resources: To support the learning process, supplementary materials and resources pertaining to particular subjects are offered. These materials are Let's Learn's intellectual property, and distribution or replication without express consent is prohibited.

Enrollment and Participation:

In order to enrol in courses, students must use our official platform and give valid registration information.
A successful completion of the course requires attentive attendance in class, timely completion of assignments, and strict adherence to the prescribed timetable.

Assignment Submission:

Students are required to submit their own original work for assignments.
It is highly forbidden to commit plagiarism, including using outside sources without properly citing them.

Class Conduct:

Whether the class is in person or virtually, all participants are expected to behave with professionalism and respect.
Any disruptive activity could get you kicked out of the session.
It is highly forbidden to record or distribute class sessions without permission.

Refund and Cancellation:

Our platform has policies regarding refunds, which can change based on the course. Please check the exact refund guidelines that apply to the course in which you are enrolled.
If a course is cancelled, enrolled students will be informed and necessary arrangements, including refunds or transfers, will be made.

Intellectual Property:

Let's Learn owns the intellectual property rights to all course materials, including but not limited to lectures, assignments, and resources.
It is completely forbidden to use, reproduce, or distribute without authorization.

Privacy and Data Security:

Let's Learn is dedicated to protecting its students' privacy.
Enrollment-related personal information is handled in compliance with our privacy policy.
You understand and agree to be bound by these terms and policies by signing up for our courses.
Let's Learn maintains the right to change or amend these conditions at any moment, giving enrolled students advance notice.
To address any queries or worries, please get in touch with our support staff.

Thank you for choosing Let's Learn for your educational journey!