Eligibility for Refund:

Refund requests will be considered within 3 days of the service purchase date. This policy is not applicable for the two-day deadline.

Expert Unavailability:

You might be entitled to a refund if our expert is unable to deliver the example assignment or related resources as promised.

Missed Deadline:

You might be eligible for a refund if we don't provide the sample work or provide the resources by the predetermined timeframe.

Project Requirements Not Met:

If, even after three revisions, the provided sample assignment or materials do not match the project criteria, you can be qualified for a refund.

Refund Process:

Within the allotted period, all refund requests must be sent in writing to support@letslearnedu.com.
Kindly provide your name, the particulars of the service, and a succinct justification for the refund request.
Refund requests will be examined in [7] days, and you will receive an email with the outcome.

Refund Amount:

If approved, the amount of the reimbursement will depend on how thoroughly the issue is resolved and what proportion of the total is decided.
The cost of the service price might cover the cost of the assignment samples, resource distribution, and tutorial sessions.

Non-Refundable Items:

The following items are non-refundable:
any costs related to using or gaining access to the materials offered.
if the delivery fee for the assignment sample is payable.
Anything that has previously been rendered or accessed.

Refund Method:

If granted, refunds will be handled in the same way as the initial payment.
Tutorial Class Cancellation: Should letslearn decide to cancel tutorial classes, a complete refund for the classes that are affected will be given.

Changes to the Refund Policy:

Letslearn maintains the right to change this refund policy whenever it pleases. Any modifications will only be disclosed on the website and will be applicable to all upcoming transactions.
You accept that you have read and agree to the terms of this refund policy by using letslearn.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@letslearnedu.com