Duplicate Orders:

If a student wants to cancel one of their orders after unintentionally placing the same order twice.

Assignment Requirement Changes:

In the event that the student's tutor makes changes to the assignment requirements.

Irrelevant Resources:

When the materials offered for the job turn out not to be relevant to it.

Unavailability of Experts:

In the event that one of our experts is unable to teach the subject or must postpone a class.

Project Incompletion:

If we are unable to finish the project or assignment because of unanticipated events.

Deadline Non-Compliance:

When we are not able to do the work in the allotted period.

Cancellation Timeframe:

Orders must be cancelled within two days of the order placement confirmation. After this time, cancellation requests won't be accepted.

Exemption for Short Deadlines:

If the assignment is due in less than four days, the cancellation policy will not apply.
This policy has been created to give our users options while maintaining an impartial and open procedure.
If you have any questions or requests regarding cancellations, please get in touch with our customer service team within the allotted period.
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